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March 17, 2015 ~ Dr. Javidi is teaching Deliberate Leadership – Class 621 – Multi-Agency

The International Academy of Public Safety, Inc. is a fully integrated technology and training company established by seasoned professionals to elevate Human Capital, Compliance, Command, Control, and Readiness within the Law Enforcement and Military communities.   We partner with clients to accomplish their mission and measure success through our clients’ ability to anticipate, calculate, adapt to, be ready for, and overcome their challenges with CONFIDENCE on TIME and on BUDGET.

We are entering a new era for Policing and Criminal Justice.   Every justice representative must be able to lead while consistently making moral and ethical decisions.   The Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD) developed by IAPS, recognizes this new and necessary movement by offering a curriculum of proven leadership training developed by leading professionals in the areas of  law enforcement, military,  academia, human services and social sciences specifically  for all levels of  law enforcement professionals.  Course content is rooted in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and updated with modern cognitive, effective and behavioral teaching techniques that fosters organizational thought balanced with developing community trust. These techniques are practical and have been effectively employed by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the U.S. Marine Corps University, and a growing number of law enforcement agencies.    Since 2010 local, state and federal agencies of all sizes and locales have capitalized on more than 3,500,000 hours of training via the ICLD with significant results. 

The ICLD curriculum was built on two basic realities. First, effective, moral leadership begins with the individual from the first day on the job and continues throughout a career – leadership and moral-ethical behavior can be taught.  Second, that an agency must develop the human capacity to prosper in an environment of austerity and increasing demands from those served, thus developing a culture of “Servant Leaders” who serve with a level of excellence that promotes accountability and builds community trust.  We believe by virtue of the mission of law enforcement that every officer is a leader within their scope of responsibility and must be given the intellectual tools to perform their duties in a manner reflective of a leader. The ICLD delivers the next generation of automated training and professional development, customized to individual and agency needs.   Training is attuned to the needs of the officer on the beat, the agency and the community.   As individual officers progress through the sequential levels of training they build the personal capacity to help strengthen the organization which in-turn is better positioned to work with and strengthen the community.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard, First Lady Linda Daugaard present Sgt. Dan Wardle of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office with his Leadership Academy graduation certificate from the International Academy of Public Safety.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard, First Lady Linda Daugaard present Sgt. Dan Wardle of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office with his Leadership Academy graduation certificate from the International Academy of Public Safety.

Clients and institute graduates are enjoying:

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Enhanced career progression
  • Significant reductions in complaints
  • Reductions in arrests
  • Greatly reduced use of force incidents
  • Increased organizational thought and accountability
  • Reductions in adverse civil litigation
  • Improvements in recruitment and retention
  • Enhanced cultural awareness
  • Significantly improved community relations
  • Greater regard for the affect of their actions within the community that they serve

Individual members who complete the ICLD levels may choose to advance themselves by attaining the recognition of Certified Credible Leader through the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development (CJC-CLD). The CJC-CLD provides the opportunity for organizations to institutionalize a sustainable leadership development culture.  Individuals who progress through the ranks of Certified Credible Leaders instill leadership confidence within their organization and greater trust in the community, leading their agency to be recognized as a Credible Leadership Organization.  The CJC-CLD seeks to enhance the quality and competency of ethical leadership and organizational purpose that embraces and effects justice, equity, service and peace to all constituencies. These objectives are accomplished through education, certification, recognition and continuous development of ethical leaders and through the organizational delivery of efficient and effective services.

A total of Five (5) certifications are available through the CJC-CLD:

  • Credible Leadership Principles (CLP)
  • Credible Leadership Applications (CLA)
  • Credible Leadership Coach (CLC)
  • Credible Leadership Facilitator (CLF)
  • Credible Leadership Change Agent (CLCA)
  • Credible Leader Field Command (CLFC)
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