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Public Safety is a profession where all employees represent government entities and are justifiably held accountable for their actions. Every day public safety professionals must make split second decisions that may have major effects on the agencies they represent and the communities they serve.

With this in mind, the International Academy of Public Safety has developed this powerful workshop series, “Tactical Deliberate Leadership with a Moral Compass.

The “Tactical Deliberate Leadership with a Moral Compass” workshop is a comprehensive “Tactical Leadership” workshop focused on personal mastery.  It requires two recent bestselling books: “Deliberate Leadership” and “Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professionals”.  By utilizing the concepts found in these two publications and the instructors’ combined 90+ years of both Law Enforcement and Military experiences, the workshop provides you the hands-on knowledge, principles, skills and techniques to provide good aggressive law enforcement services with empathy and common sense.  This is achieved by:

  • Introducing the dynamics for Tactical Deliberate Leadership Success;
  • Identifying one’s personal deliberate style through self-awareness;
  • Developing a Moral Compass to follow that promotes Character, Integrity, Dignity, Credibility and Trust;
  • Balancing tactical thought and emotional intelligence and understanding how one enhances the other; and
  • Developing critical decision making skills based on navigational thought practices and teamwork.
  • Understanding how Deliberate Leadership is a powerful introduction to the Credible Leadership Series of Five online Phases for ongoing leadership development.

Major Wes Priddy (Travis County Sheriff’s Office, TX, FBI NA # 255) defines “Deliberate Leadership”

The workshop is designed to stimulate self-examination, organizational thought, social awareness and credible leadership concepts in each participant through a combination of lecture, case studies, discussion and group activities.

The Deliberate & Credible Leadership Workshop and the International Academy of Public Safety’s Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD) are incredibly aligned with the International Association of Chief’s of Police (IACP) call for law enforcement agencies to integrate all training with relevant, comprehensive ethics training (The Police Chief, vol.73, Nov 2006, Gleason).

Workshop facilitators are experts from law enforcement, military, academia and human services dedicated to the concept that all public safety professionals are credible leaders in their scope of responsibility and must exhibit those traits in order to be effective within their organization and within their communities.

Separate Credible Leadership workshops for Law Enforcement Professionals” are available upon request.  Please check the calendar of upcoming events to locate a workshop in your area or contact the International Academy of Public Safety at 919.753.1127 to partner and host a workshop at your agency contact Dr. Terry Anderson, Chief Learning officer of IAPS.

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